The secret to a strong and lasting relationship

With over 1,100 exercises in the NOFOMO bag of HIIT tricks, the spicy variety of the workouts we will be serving up will ensure every day will be a complete contrast from the last and never two days remotely the same. You will never be bored, feel the urge to stray or be on the lookout for something better. A typical week provides you with a perfect mix of heart pumping cardio, muscle building strength and the all round needs of a ninja in our hybrid sessions.


Wham, bam, thankyou ma'am: in and out in 28 minutes!

It's efficient, it's effective and it's the shizzle. The programming of our sessions have been carried out with watchmaker-like precision to ensure you get the most out of every second you are with us. Get in, get out and continue on with your quest to awesomeness!

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The cool type of geekiness

Access all the NOFOMO studios with your phone - no keys, fobs or access passes. We know, how cool?! The NOFOMO Fit App is the mother ship to our operations. It delivers your daily workout directly to your phone at midnight, ready for you to salivate over each morning. It includes expert, motivational workout introductions, as well as coaching tips for any movements you are unfamiliar with. Our studios are decked out with warm up and cool down screens, heart rate tech, custom built NOFOMO timer clocks synced with the app... We could go on all day - just come and check it out for yourself.

Our entire system pieced together is mind-blowing, we have slapped a patent on it so you won't find it anywhere else in the world. Love it or hate it, technology is where it's at and we and are cranking the dial up on this one.

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What schedule?

It's fitness on your terms

We get that no one does 9-5 these days. We won't hold you to a schedule or harass you if you miss a session. You do you, your way, whenever you like 24/7. Come on your own, bring a buddy or bring two. We can accommodate up to 3 people at each station - socially distanced of course 2's fun but 3's a party right.

Access all studios within the NOFOMO network with the one membership - we are one big happy family